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Tea Lovers of The World, have a deep seep of this brimming ecstasy and sit back, relaxed, letting the taste fill your mouth seeping through your throat and let free your mind to roam the fringes of imagination: are you still in this world or out there on cloud 9 overreaching the heavens?

A taste to experience and an experience to treasure, a visit to repeat. Teh Tarik Madu Beng of Pak Mat Pulau Pisang, Kota Bharu is surely a truly remarkable tea blended to perfection, ‘pulled‘ to frothy, flowy broth and local honey added for that long standing broth. For an extra punch Pak Mat’s own produced ice cream can be added on top for more cool and creamy taste. Surely a taste of heavens brought to earth by the ever smiling Pak Mat.



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